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Sucie Stevenson

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Children's Book Illustrator

I reach for emotion, wonderful colors, and most importantly, laughter when I illustrate books.
-Suçie Stevenson

The Henry and Mudge Books are "lively, reassuring, comical- just right for newly independent readers, with cartoon-style illustrations that gallop, skip, and splash right along with the text."
- Horn Book Magazine

"The Henry and Mudge and Annie and Snowball books are invaluable teaching tools. They are the first chapter books many children across the country learn to read at school. Kids get excited and love to put a bookmark after each chapter.
Suçie Stevenson's enchanting and detailed illustrations delight children and improve their vocabulary skills. I can't say enough good things about these books!"
-Bernice Carew (Early Childhood Teacher for 30 years)



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